HTML 5Featuring left-side navigation and right-side thumbnails, Montreal is great for easy navigation and clear image display. With a large space available for image display, Montreal can be a very effective way to display large vertical images (portrait photographers, this could be helpful for you).

One of our designs which feature dynamic image-scaling, your images will fit nicely on all monitors from laptops to cinema displays.

HTML 5Tokyo is for people who want something different from their web site design. Featuring a curving top band and split navigation on the top and left for informational and gallery pages, Tokyo is stylish and fun.

Images in HTML galleries display with dynamic image sizing with thumbnails towards the top of the pages. Flash slideshows display with scalable image-sizing as well.

With Milan, you get the best of design and functionality. Images display boldly in the middle of the layout with easy-to-use navigational buttons. Milan is a "liquid" design: the design flows naturally to fill up the entire browser window.

With the Flash slideshow option, galleries in Milan have a great stylish feel, with the images floating sharply against the middle background.

Available in over 30 color themes, Milan can look simple or cutting-edge modern.

Reston is designed for the imagemaker who wants a clean, elegant and modern design. With its top-right navigation and pull down menus for galleries, Reston is easy to navigate and excels in displaying horizontal images.

Like all of SiteWelder's designs, galleries can be displayed as normal HTML pages or in Flash slideshow format.

Reston also features an option for site-wide audio. Just upload an MP3 file into your home page section of your PageEditor and it will play on your site. An audio button appears on your pages to turn the audio off-and-on.

San Francisco
HTML 5San Francisco is our most unique design and one of our most popular layout choices.

With large images displaying in horizontal scrolling area, San Francisco loads quickly and is very easy to navigate. If you upload all of your images at the same height, the design gives a great look-and-feel.

With its built-in image scaling, San Francisco will automatically size down your image galleries to display correctly in all image browsers.

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