SiteWelder Users : Editorial/Reportage
SiteWelder's editorial/reportage users include magazine and newspaper photographers and dedicated photographers working on projects about current events around the world. SiteWelder users include photographers legendary Contact photographer David Burnett and White House photographer Pete Souza.
Joseph Moran
New York photographer Joseph Moran's photos have appeared in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, People, New York Magazine, Fortune, Money, Entertainment Weekly, Simple, InStyle, and more.
Pete Souza Photojournalist
Pete Souza is the current Chief Official White House photographer for President Barack Obama and the director of the White House Photography Office. He previously served as President Reagan's photographer.
Salem Krieger
New York photographer Salem Krieger shoots on location for clients like Forbes, Blink Fitness, FT Weekend and more.
Kari Greer
Idaho photographer Kari Greer has an amazing collection of forest fire photography from the American West.
David Burnett Photography
Photojournalist David Burnett is a legendary Contact photographer who keeps expanding his amazing body of work with a fresh vision and empathetic eye. From the Iran to Katrina, he brings back some of the best story-telling imagery.
Dennis Chamberlin's edgy images from his travels and life in locations from Poland to Kaliningrad to Iowa reflect his unique vision.
Schuster Works
German photographer Thomas Schuster travels the world making iconic images from Africa to Asia and beyond.
Jen Judge Photography
New Mexico photographer Jen Judge travels the world for assignments and stock photography. She focuses on travel, resorts, portraits and food and is has her stock photos with Aurora Photos.
Lars H Laursen
Danish foto and video journalist Lars Laursen photographs people and places for publication. He also produces video for clients like Nihola and Volkswagen.
Dustin Peck Photography
Dustin Peck shoots beautiful interiors, architecture and commercial work in the Charlotte, NC area.
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